It all started when...

We partnered with Cryotherapy Tuscaloosa to create a total body wellness experience under one roof. 

How it Works

The Whole Body Cryo-Sauna is a single-person device that surrounds the body while keeping the head and neck area exposed. Using liquid nitrogen (which turns to vapor once it hits the air), the Cryo Chamber is cooled to temperatures between -238°F to -274°F. The caused the body’s surface skin temperature to lower from approximately 90.5°F to around 32°F. Sessions range from 2-3 minutes.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Some of the main benefits include muscle recovery, pain management, weight-loss and skin tightening. Cryo-Therapy gives your metabolism and immune system an immediate boost, burning 500-800 calories per session.


  • Single Session – $35
  • 3 Pack – $99
  • 5 Pack – $150
  • 10 Pack – $250

Unlimited Membership

  • 12-month commitment – $199/Month
  • 6-month commitment – $229/Month
  • 3-month commitment – $249/Month

Unlimited Cryotherapy and IV Therapy

  • 12-month commitment - $233
  • 6-month commitment - $271
  • 3-month commitment - $300

Unlimited memberships are non-transferable.


Active and veteran personnel in any branch of the military, law enforcement officers (federal, state, county and city), Fire and Rescue are eligible for a 10% discount.