Hydralive Therapy ® is the premier wellness clinic. Our mission is simple: to provide a comfortable, spa-like experience with services to enhance your healthy lifestyle. All treatments are administered by state licensed, registered nurses following the Standing Orders of our Medical Director, a Board Certified MD. At the start of each treatment, our staff will conduct an assessment, and recommend a custom therapy based on your symptoms and condition. We have various treatments designed for specific needs, but since each individual is unique, we're also happy to customize your treatment. Simply sit back and relax -- in 45 minutes or less, you'll leave feeling revIVed at Hydralive!

Hydralive uses state of the art telemedicine to ensure you receive the highest level of care.



Before Treatment

The following will take place with the assistance of one of our nursing staff:

  • Medical History Questionnaire

  • Medical Assessment

  • Taking of Vital Signs

  • Final Patient Suitability Assessment as outlined in the Physician’s Standing Orders